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Want to get inked?

Tom Spaulding Tatttoo

As another season passes by the old urge to alter my body has begun to take hold again.  Since my 18th birthday I have been getting a new tattoo done every year.  I started small and have been getting bigger or more visible with each new design I draw.  I wish I could give you guys a review of a lot of shops through my own experience, but I only go to one: Tommy Spaulding’s on Central.  Gene-O is my artist and I don’t think I could have anyone else puncture ink into my skin.

Here are some other studios that I heard do good work:

If you have ever gotten a tattoo or are thinking about getting your first ink, you should make sure you like the parlor and artist who is doing your work.  It isn’t the best idea to just wander into the first place with neon ‘Tattoo’ lights, do your research–five minutes on the internet should do, and find the place that is right for you.  Also remember, tattoos are permanent–seems obvious right–so really think about what you are getting and how you will feel about it when you are 40 at the PTA meeting.

My brother, Matt Streeter, getting inked by Gene-O

If you are worried about the pain, it won’t be as bad as you think, but it in no way feels good.  Have a friend go with you for moral support and to help take your mind off the fact your branding yourself.

Remember, it is your tattoo and not the artists so don’t let them talk you into anything you’re not sure of.  If you don’t want to pick something off the wall you can always get something custom drawn up–having the shop do it will cost more, but having a friend is usually free!!

And last remember your ink represents you, and if visible will be one of the first things people use to make a judgement on you.  Make it sweet and wear it proud.

My newest ink.

Kaleigh Wallace getting her first tat by Tommy.


Editing blogs for grammar

Ok. I get it, I don’t always perfectly proofread my writing when I’m doing a blog. Why, because I am writing off the top of my head about what I am thinking. On top of that I am usually trying to squeeze it into one of the million other things I do throughout the day.  I don’t always have the time to make sure everything is 100% grammatically correct.

If that makes me a bad writer then so be it, but I see the point of the blog to be the content and not the language or grammar usage.  I don’t understand why people would take the time to comment on grammatical mistakes.  Is it to make oneself feel superior or is that the only thing some people read blogs to do, catch writer’s making mistakes.

We are not perfect, and yes, I did go to public school.  Many believe that those of us who attended public school where taught insufficient grammar, and although that may be true in comparison to private schools, we can use correct grammar.  It just wasn’t pounded into our skulls to the extent to make us constantly aware that we have made a mistake.

I guess what I am really trying to get at is this is a college blog, we are focusing on content for our fellow college student’s.  When I am writing I am thinking more about what I am saying than the technical side of my writing.  I hope my readers can excuse me for any silly mistakes I happen to look over, and please keep the comments coming because I love to hear from you guys!!

LC moment

If you have ever had a class in a giant Lecture Center, like we have at U-Albany, you know that every once in awhile someone throws out a comment that gets everyone’s hands shooting in the air.

Today in my course on sustainable living in LC 19 such a comment was regurgitated from a girl sitting down the row from me.  We were talking about the Tragedy of the Commons (stuff like air pollution and our impact on areas of the planet not owned by anyone in particular) and the subject of population control worked its way into the lecture.

That is when a girl, who I will leave nameless, said this… “It would only be a man who would have a problem with population control…” or a government mandate to limit the number of children each family could have.  She then went on to say they would complain because they are not the ones who have to carry a child, implying that women would be fine with this because it would mean they wouldn’t have to push numerous children out of their vagina’s.

Instantly the room erupted with chatter and hands flying in the air with students dieing to rebut her claim.

The professor could sense that it would surmount into a heated debate that would take us way off course of the subject of sustainable living, and decided to kill the debate before it had a chance to get good.

Since I never got a chance to hear what my other fellow classmates had to say, I would love to hear what you all think.

Personally I couldn’t believe as a woman that girl would say that.  I would think since it directly effects what a woman can and can’t do with her body it would be even more of a hot topic issue for women.  Not that I want to have a dozen children, but I know I would be pissed if the government tried to tell me I couldn’t.

Cops on cell phones

I was driving today, and like an irresponsible driver I was on my cell phone.  I saw a cop and panicked, throwing my phone on the seat next to me and yelling to the person COP!

I was pulled over once for being on my cell phone, it was the day my sister went into labor with my nephew and I had been waiting for her call all day to tell me to go to the hospital.  Needless to say I wasn’t about to ignore the call because I was in my car.  Two seconds after I put the phone to my ear I saw the cop drive by and stare me down, like I was running small children over.  He was going the opposite direction so I tried to lose him to no avail.  When he pulled up behind with the flashing lights and the blaring siren I couldn’t help but laugh over the theatrics of it all.  Yes, being on your phone can be dangerous and is distracting, but it doesn’t seem to warrant the whole show.

Needless to say he didn’t care about my sister being in labor, gave me a ticket, and sent me on my way.

Ever since this I hardly ever talk on my phone while driving, but some calls demand that I bend that rule, making me extremely nervous.

So here I was today, driving down Madison Ave. and I see this cop and panic.  He was parked in the right lane of a red light and I pulled up next to him in the left.  I casually glanced over to see if he had noticed, when I noticed he was on his cell phone!

Now this isn’t the first time I have seen this and I’m sure you have all discussed the ass-backwardness of the double standard, but there he was talking away on his phone in the casual, Honey what’s for dinner kind of manner.  I knew I shouldn’t care and I knew I shouldn’t get frustrated but I looked down at my phone with the urge to pick it up right in front of him, daring him to pull me over while doing the exact same thing.

I get it, they need their phones and the million other electronic gadgets cruisers are laden with to do their job, but it all seems like one big distraction to me.

Meeting with the President.

President George M. Phillips

President George M. Phillips

No I did not meet with President Obama.  I sat in on a meeting with George M. Phillip, the President of the University at Albany, his colleagues, and a student reporter. If i didn’t have my camera flashing and snapping away I would have been a fly on the wall.  I was strictly an observer and did not input into the discussion aside from my introduction at the beginning.

I was the photographer, not the reporter.  I paid attention while I wasn’t taking pictures and walked away with a general understanding to what the 2010 agenda for the university will be.

With budget cuts will come an increase in tuition, however Phillips is pushing towards less ties with state legislation, opening up the university to work within the private sector.

This would bring more opportunities for research, bring money into the school, give room for growth, and allow the university to better allocate tuition funds so that student’s are paying at adjustable rates depending on program of study.

The example given was the difference between resources used for a bio-chem. major to that of a journalism major.  It does not seem right to be charging the same tuition to each student.  The resources given to the two departments is different, the tuition should be different too.

All of this however is just a proposal.