They don’t need more money

A short article appeared today in the Times Union that discussed Governor Paterson’s announcement that state employees should not count on pay raises this year.

What I couldn’t understand is why any governement employee would expect to get a raise.  Let’s see you already make an obscene amount of money (I know not everyone who works for the state does, but you should be happy to have a job considering the times), programs like education and health care are being cut, we are in an economic recession… why the hell would anyone expect to get more money?

If anything the salaries of officials who make a cool six figures should be cut before we start talking about cutting out health and education.  State officials should be bending over backwards to secure the much needed aid for these things.  They are supposed to be representing our wants and needs, and I don’t think you would find anyone who thinks cutting education is a good idea.  Health care on the other hand is a different case, Tea Party Members would be on me like white on rice if I said everyone is against health care cuts, there are definitely people who could live with it.  But it’s the future of our country and the health of the nation we are talking about.  Is there something wrong with me, or does anyone else see this as being too obvious to miss?

You may not agree, but in my opinion theses are the two most crucial components to securing the growth of our country.  Where would we be if as tuition continues to rise less and less of our youth persue higher education?  Where are we going to be if health care costs continue to rise, with more people being uninsured and put into debt, unable to seek help when they are sick?

We are going to hit a cliff where the only place to go is down.  So yes, I think it is ridiculous that people would even consider getting a raise.

What do you think?

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