Stop funding the war

For the last few weeks I have immersed myself in organizing a student protest against the budget cuts that are yet again raising our tuition at SUNY Albany.  The other day I proposed one way to help combat the stripping of valuable resources from the god-send of a public education institution New York State has built.  I suggested that by freezing state raises, in turn we may be able to put that money to better uses in areas such as education funding.

After thinking more about the subject, although I still feel that no one should be expecting a raise at this time of economic downturn, there is another way, a more important way to gather funds without creating a cost for NYS residents.

Stop funding the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The website Cost of War is an on-going counter of the cost of theses wars since 2001.

Here is a break down of the figures as of 5:00 Mon. April 12:
-Total US cost=$982,122,700,000
-Total NY State cost=$88,103,338,000
-Cost per house hold=$8,740
-Cost per person=$3,339
-Cost per taxpayer=$7,365

Is it just me or does anyone else feel this is obscene? And this is only the monetary cost, which in my opinion cannot compare to the amount of human loss.  Yes, this war has not seen the amount of US casualties of past battles, but when do we reach the point when we feel enough life has been lost?  When did we become so desensitized that some thousands of soldiers and civilians who have died don’t seem like a number to be terribly concerned with?

I support our soldiers 100%, while they are there, you bet your ass I want them to get every kind of aid to their safety as possible no matter what the cost, but I do not support the war.  I do not think they should be over there in the first place, running around bombed out villages chasing enemies they cannot foresee.

We are paying for this war, out of our pockets and out of our lives.  I don’t know many people who don’t know someone who has personal connection to someone involved with the war.  We are spending billions on dollars, putting  thousands of our soldiers into deadly situations and to what avail?

What are we trying to accomplish?  Bringing democracy to the middle east?  Seems more like we are forcing our point of view on how things should be run on countries who do not want us there to begin with.  Are we fighting the War on Terror or people defending their homeland from foreign occupants?  Are we trying to bring peace to others or oil home for profit?

I’m sure there will be many of you who feel I am misguided or misinformed, but I hope that more of you will understand what I am trying to say.  Understand why I feel so angry about the government continuing to rob each and every one of us to fund their war machine.  Understand why this war is based on misguided notions of what our countries place in this world should be.  And if you happen to share the same feelings as I do, then start talking about it, start putting your voice out for others to hear.  Write a letter to your congressman, call your local politician, and let them know that no longer will be back these unnecessary wars.

Bring our troops home!

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