As the media slants

Ever since Bill Clinton passed the Fair Communications Act, which allowed the communication corporations to own an unlimited amount of air-space, we have seen the various media outlets begin to slant either left or right in their political standpoints.

Huge monopolies like FOX News have been growing and consuming smaller broadcast corporations to basically conform large portions of the media to FOX’s right sided perspective on events.

What does this mean for consumers of the media?  Why should we care that there seems to be a significant divide in media outlets between liberal and conservative viewpoints?  Does it mean that the news we read is no longer a strictly objective, two sided viewpoint of what is happening around us?

What it may mean for consumers is that in order to get a fair view of the days event you may need to read a number of different publications in order to take in all the different angles that each outlet pumps out.  Or it may mean that if you are a hard core liberal or conservative you will be happy reading one paper, knowing that it holds the same slants as you do.

Consumers should care about this shift to partisan media, because it means what we are reading is not 100% objective, not 100% fair.  It means that in order to get the full truth we must seek out more perspectives from the different sides, we must become more involved with the news.

Now don’t get me wrong, this new slanting of media outlets does not mean that objectivity and fairness are dead concepts.  We are not seeing salacious spins that distort what is reported to the point where it has become a one sided march, but we must be aware that each outlet has a specific underlying partisan viewpoint.

As monopolies continue to eat up the media into dominating factions we must be aware that we need to be more vigilant of what each groups standpoint is and how it affects what is written.

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