What’s private anymore?

I talk a lot about how the rise in technology is rapidly changing how we interact with each other and the world around us.  How with each breakthrough something is lost and changed to encompass the latest trends, how we are being sucked into this pool of information which overwhelms and embodies our senses to the point where we don’t know which way is up at times.

Knowing this and knowing that the internet is literally a place where if you look hard enough and know where to dig you can find anything, you wouldn’t think that people would be so shocked at the loss in privacy.  But as an article published by the New York Times discusses people can’t seem to understand how they are losing little bits of their personal lives to users on the web.

To me the lack of privacy is a no-brainer, duh!? I said to myself while reading the article, of course we are losing certain aspects of privacy as we give more of ourselves to the web.  If you have a Facebook, a twitter, myspace, blog, whatever it is, you are explicitly giving the web–and ultimately its users–very personal information about yourself, you should be prepared that someone, somewhere may have the prerogative to search you out.  And as far as people losing the social security number and becoming victims of identity theft, I cannot fully sympathize with them, we have to be smarter as the technology gets smarter.  You need to check the sites you’re giving information to, you need to find their security and make sure its legit.  You need to be able to think ahead and not be naive to the fact that people have the means to steal from you through a computer screen miles away.

This is not rocket science people, it is common sense.  Yes, we are losing our privacy but it is a small price to pay to have the world at your fingertips.

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