Is protesting effective?

Wall outside the Bank of England.

In light of the fact that I will be documenting the March 20th March on Washington, an anti-war demonstration being held in D.C. I thought I would see what people think of the effectiveness of protests like this.

I am not going to pretend I am an expert, and as I am going to be an observer and not a participant I would much rather hear what you all think than express my own opinions.  But to get you thinking about these ideas I’ve decided to post a few photos from the G20 protest I attended in London, UK last spring.

There are things we all care about, and things we feel should change.  Does protesting help to facilitate this change, or are the demonstrations we see today just a faint reflection of the power they held in the ’60s and ’70s?  Are we getting anywhere and does anyone care?

Crowd of protestors in the square outside the Bank of England.

Memorial wall for the man who died the first day of protests.

Police lined the square as the day progressed.

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