Do you think you care?

I don’t want to stand on a soap-box, but I know it may be the only way to get anyone to listen.  And don’t get me wrong I am as much a part of the problem as everyone of you.

Look at your life, look at the things you “need” to get through each day.  In particular look at all the electronic devices that control, what sometimes feels like, every aspect of our lives.  Right now you’re thinking, oh this again, like I haven’t heard this before.  But we have become absolutely dependent on technology and I can’t keep my mouth shut.

I almost have a heart attack every time I think I lose my cellphone (which is always in the most random places).  I remember when I didn’t have a cellphone, when no one had a cell phone, but I can’t remember what it was like to not need one attached to my persons at all times, I can’t remember ever feeling the panic of being disconnected.

And it’s not just the phone, it’s the computer, iPod, video games, smartphones, doing ten things at once, spending countless hours staring at screens.  Right now I am reading for a class, listening to music, uploading photos on my flickr, and talking to my boyfriend.  How is this productive again?

Am I being ridiculous, or does anyone else feel the consumption of technology on their lives seems to have well-surpassed the idea of luxury, and feels more like a necessity?

Is it weird that I feel there is something inherently wrong with that idea, please stop me if I’ve gone to far.

Yes, I love technology and it has done both gloriously good and bad things to change life on this planet, but something has been lost.  In a rise something always falls.  I think we can all agree there is a general decline in the traditional sense of community and interaction within the broader social spectrum.  Where did the days go when we were out there in reality actively playing in society?  Is this new web-based community comparable?

Kids would rather play video games than go outside for the real sports.  People would rather fall in love online than on a real date.  The real has become virtual, but does anyone care?  Probably, at least I hope so.  I’m not saying we have become technical drones and people don’t go out and interact with society everyday, but you cannot deny that it has changed significantly with the rise in technology.

I know…who am I to say the decline in traditional forms of community is a bad thing. Like I said, hate being on that soap-box.  Hell it may turn out to be the best thing that ever happened.  If you isolate a society through technology would you decrease conflict?

Is an apathetic nation better than one willing to fight for what they believe in?  I’m not sure…

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