All hail the death of print

You would think Craig Mod, a self-titled computer programmer, book designer and book publisher, wouldn’t be saying good riddance to the traditional mode of printing books on paper.  You would think as a person who has made a living off publishing books he would be fighting to the death to keep the old fashioned manner of reading alive.

But as a blog from the on a recent blog post of his pointed out, this is not the case.  Like many in the print industry he has been following the switch in trends very carefully and has come to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter how the book is viewed, what is important is the content.

It doesn’t matter if you flip through a paperback or scroll through an iBook, you are still reading the same thing and whether or not it is good will not change depending on how it is read.  Mod argues that content is what matters, content is what makes or breaks a book, not whether Jane Doe is reading it on her iPad.

Reading his point of view made me see how the switch could be beneficial.  For one we wouldn’t be “shipping dead trees around the world,” that is always good right.  Save the environment one Kindle at a time.  But it still makes me sad to come to the realization that one day I may not be able to have the satisfaction of breaking in a new book, smelling that wonderful smell of ink on paper, turning a dog-ear on a break.

How do you feel about the death of print?

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