Meeting an Olympian

John is the in the middle, the only one looking at me.

Reason number one why I love being a reporter….you get to meet cool people like Olympic bob-sledder John Napier.

Native of Schecnectady, Napier 23 was the youngest driver to participate in the Vancouver games.  He placed 10th in the two man bob sled but could not compete in the four man final run due to a neck injury that occurred during earlier runs.

I couldn’t understand why I was nervous, I have interviewed politicians, doctors, and heads of companies before, but I couldn’t help feeling a bit jittery as I made my way into the elementary school where he was visiting students.

As soon as I met him I realized there was no need for thenerves…he was totally cool, if I didn’t know any better I would have thought he was just another regular twenty-something-year-old like myself.

It was a great experience that I would never have had if I wasn’t an intern at the TU.

John with some kids

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