The New Conversation

As more and more people find their way onto the web through blogging, tweeting, and social networking sites like Facebook, a new type of conversation is beginning to form.  News has begun to break away from the strict I am the writer you are the reader format to now incorporate a converstional type of writing that encourages users to be involved. 

“Everyone at some point has to start blogging,” moderator Steve Barnes said during a bloggind conference held by the Times Union at St. Rose Wed. March 3.

Journalists everywhere are taking the dive into blogging face first, with some finding it hard to come up for air.  From Kristi Gustafson’s On the Edge to Steve Barnes Table Hopping there is not shortage of posts being pumped out of  The website is a domain for just about anything and everything people would be interested in reading about, giving users a dynamic mix of different points of view and content.

What many people are wondering is how do you make your blog as succesful as a blogger like  Gustafson, who gets thousands of views a day.

“You need to find something you are passionate about,” she said.  “I do wonder why sanyone cares that I don’t like to shower at the gym, but they do.”

What all the panelists at the event (which include Gustafson, Barnes, Greg Dahlmann, Gina Luttrel, and Rob Madeo)  tried to emphasize was that although you should be focusing your blogs on something you are personally interested in, you must also be prepared that not everyone will agree with you.  But don’t be discourage because that is part of what makes a blog successful, stirring up conversations that demand people to contribute to.

You don’t want to post something to be controversial, to cause problems, but you should not be afraid to put your opinions out there.  The more honest you are with your readers, the more true to yourself you are, the more interesting your posts will be.  If you have interesting posts you will have interested readers.

So whether you are a professional journalist picking up blogging as another avenue to write or a citizen trying to put your voice out there, remember one thing, speak your mind, edit for grammar not content, and let the conversation begin.

  1. Thanks for writing, and thanks for posing a question to Steve Barnes. I don’t agree that ‘everyone has to start blogging.’ I hope only the cool, smart interesting people start blogging and let everyone else do the reading.

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