Who’s the watchdog now?

Publish first, filter later is just one of the newly evolving publishing methods that has taken the role of watchdog away from mainstream media.  Everyone can blog, everyone is on Twitter.  You can say anything, be anyone, and in most scenarios nothing extremely bad happens.

Microblogging, or tweeting as it is more commonly referred as, seems to be the best example where the publish first, filter later article is used.  You write your 140 characters, sometimes without a second thought and sometimes with careful consideration to each word, and update, it’s out there for everyone to see.

Later you may go back and wonder why at 3:00 a.m. you decided to let the world know how it felt to fall on your ass in a mudd puddle on the way home, do you know anyone who would care?  You can choose to delete it and try and pretend it never happened, but the fact of the matter is someone, somewhere got a kick out of your clumsiness.

As these new forms of sharing continue to grow and integrate into our technologically driven lives there seems to be less filtration through traditional forms of news distribution (newspapers, tv, radio).  Old ways are replaced  by direct access to anyone with connection to the web to contribution.  With the new sharing networks like blogging, Twitter and Facebook everyone can have a voice.

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