The technological generation

As we continue to move forward in this technologically driven society we live in you have to stop and wonder what are the effects on each new generation.  I was talking to some friends about this and we have decided that future generations have become absolutely dependent on technology.  After watching the Frontline special in class these thoughts are further confirmed.

I remember when there was no CD’s and we didn’t rely on cellphones to keep us afloat in our busy lives.  However, generations that are coming of age right now have been engulfed in technology their entire lives.  Kids with cellphones at 10 and a game to simulate every kind of real life experience.  These and much more have made future generations completely dependent on technology.

This dependence has led to a number of other things like the on-set of the multi-tasker.  The multi-tasker is the person on the computer, reading a book, surfing the internet, all while trying to write an English paper.  We drown ourselves in technology in every task we complete.  We are so dependent that we probably don’t even realize it, creating a world of people separated by computer screens.

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