The pull of social media

Social media networking sites have slowly been making their way into many people’s lives.  Starting as a place to stay in touch with friends and meet new people it has now morphed into a realm with limitless possibilities becoming a tool for the professional networker.

The profession that may gain the most benefit from this blooming sector is journalism.  As a journalist it is crucial to stay in touch with the people you are writing for and to constantly branch out a web of sources.  Social media networking sites were born to do this.

As people continue to enhance the capabilities of networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin there is an ever growing pull to engross yourself within these spaces.

Now many may see this shift as inherently good for society as a whole it does have me wondering what it is doing to the overall structure of things.  Will this shift toward technologically driven networks end the use of conventional ways of meeting and interacting with people?  Will we see the death of real communities being replaced by cyber ones?  Are we going to stop calling our friends to make plans and instead send them a message on FB?

These questions and many more need to be considered as more and more people let social media pull them in.

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