Want to get inked?

Tom Spaulding Tatttoo

As another season passes by the old urge to alter my body has begun to take hold again.  Since my 18th birthday I have been getting a new tattoo done every year.  I started small and have been getting bigger or more visible with each new design I draw.  I wish I could give you guys a review of a lot of shops through my own experience, but I only go to one: Tommy Spaulding’s on Central.  Gene-O is my artist and I don’t think I could have anyone else puncture ink into my skin.

Here are some other studios that I heard do good work:

If you have ever gotten a tattoo or are thinking about getting your first ink, you should make sure you like the parlor and artist who is doing your work.  It isn’t the best idea to just wander into the first place with neon ‘Tattoo’ lights, do your research–five minutes on the internet should do, and find the place that is right for you.  Also remember, tattoos are permanent–seems obvious right–so really think about what you are getting and how you will feel about it when you are 40 at the PTA meeting.

My brother, Matt Streeter, getting inked by Gene-O

If you are worried about the pain, it won’t be as bad as you think, but it in no way feels good.  Have a friend go with you for moral support and to help take your mind off the fact your branding yourself.

Remember, it is your tattoo and not the artists so don’t let them talk you into anything you’re not sure of.  If you don’t want to pick something off the wall you can always get something custom drawn up–having the shop do it will cost more, but having a friend is usually free!!

And last remember your ink represents you, and if visible will be one of the first things people use to make a judgement on you.  Make it sweet and wear it proud.

My newest ink.

Kaleigh Wallace getting her first tat by Tommy.

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