LC moment

If you have ever had a class in a giant Lecture Center, like we have at U-Albany, you know that every once in awhile someone throws out a comment that gets everyone’s hands shooting in the air.

Today in my course on sustainable living in LC 19 such a comment was regurgitated from a girl sitting down the row from me.  We were talking about the Tragedy of the Commons (stuff like air pollution and our impact on areas of the planet not owned by anyone in particular) and the subject of population control worked its way into the lecture.

That is when a girl, who I will leave nameless, said this… “It would only be a man who would have a problem with population control…” or a government mandate to limit the number of children each family could have.  She then went on to say they would complain because they are not the ones who have to carry a child, implying that women would be fine with this because it would mean they wouldn’t have to push numerous children out of their vagina’s.

Instantly the room erupted with chatter and hands flying in the air with students dieing to rebut her claim.

The professor could sense that it would surmount into a heated debate that would take us way off course of the subject of sustainable living, and decided to kill the debate before it had a chance to get good.

Since I never got a chance to hear what my other fellow classmates had to say, I would love to hear what you all think.

Personally I couldn’t believe as a woman that girl would say that.  I would think since it directly effects what a woman can and can’t do with her body it would be even more of a hot topic issue for women.  Not that I want to have a dozen children, but I know I would be pissed if the government tried to tell me I couldn’t.

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