Cops on cell phones

I was driving today, and like an irresponsible driver I was on my cell phone.  I saw a cop and panicked, throwing my phone on the seat next to me and yelling to the person COP!

I was pulled over once for being on my cell phone, it was the day my sister went into labor with my nephew and I had been waiting for her call all day to tell me to go to the hospital.  Needless to say I wasn’t about to ignore the call because I was in my car.  Two seconds after I put the phone to my ear I saw the cop drive by and stare me down, like I was running small children over.  He was going the opposite direction so I tried to lose him to no avail.  When he pulled up behind with the flashing lights and the blaring siren I couldn’t help but laugh over the theatrics of it all.  Yes, being on your phone can be dangerous and is distracting, but it doesn’t seem to warrant the whole show.

Needless to say he didn’t care about my sister being in labor, gave me a ticket, and sent me on my way.

Ever since this I hardly ever talk on my phone while driving, but some calls demand that I bend that rule, making me extremely nervous.

So here I was today, driving down Madison Ave. and I see this cop and panic.  He was parked in the right lane of a red light and I pulled up next to him in the left.  I casually glanced over to see if he had noticed, when I noticed he was on his cell phone!

Now this isn’t the first time I have seen this and I’m sure you have all discussed the ass-backwardness of the double standard, but there he was talking away on his phone in the casual, Honey what’s for dinner kind of manner.  I knew I shouldn’t care and I knew I shouldn’t get frustrated but I looked down at my phone with the urge to pick it up right in front of him, daring him to pull me over while doing the exact same thing.

I get it, they need their phones and the million other electronic gadgets cruisers are laden with to do their job, but it all seems like one big distraction to me.

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