Meeting with the President.

President George M. Phillips

President George M. Phillips

No I did not meet with President Obama.  I sat in on a meeting with George M. Phillip, the President of the University at Albany, his colleagues, and a student reporter. If i didn’t have my camera flashing and snapping away I would have been a fly on the wall.  I was strictly an observer and did not input into the discussion aside from my introduction at the beginning.

I was the photographer, not the reporter.  I paid attention while I wasn’t taking pictures and walked away with a general understanding to what the 2010 agenda for the university will be.

With budget cuts will come an increase in tuition, however Phillips is pushing towards less ties with state legislation, opening up the university to work within the private sector.

This would bring more opportunities for research, bring money into the school, give room for growth, and allow the university to better allocate tuition funds so that student’s are paying at adjustable rates depending on program of study.

The example given was the difference between resources used for a bio-chem. major to that of a journalism major.  It does not seem right to be charging the same tuition to each student.  The resources given to the two departments is different, the tuition should be different too.

All of this however is just a proposal.

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