Twitter book to be published

Read this yesterday  in the New York Times and thought it really exemplified how far Twitter has come.   Justin Halpern, writer of the Twitter account shitmydadsays.  Halpern’s account, which has over 700,000 followers, just landed him a book deal and a possible TV series by CBS.  The tweets, which usually consist of things Halpern’s father has told him to do or not to do, will be what the book and series will be based on.  When I read this I was a bit shocked and amused at the same time.  I mean this guy is just tweeting the ridiculous things his dad says to him.  Although I find them hugely entertaining and remind me of my own father, I can’t help but wonder why this account in particular would warrant the kind of exposure a book and TV series will bring.  I guess it is too soon to tell if the Twitter craze has gone too far on this one or not.  We will just have to see what comes of turning 140 word tweets into a book and TV show.

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