Dorothea Lange



Migrant Mother


Although Dorothea Lange died in 1965 she is still considered one of the founding photographers for American photojournalism. Lange who began photographing for the Farm Security Administration during the Great Depression was always interested in documenting the reality of what was going on across the country. Her strive for objectivity in her images neither portrays her subjects as hopeless individuals or romanticized heros. Her images are iconic because they show the truth of the struggle the migrants and depressed went through, she shows the person behind the pain in a dignified and beautiful way. This truthfulness of her images is what makes them some of the strongest and most enduring examples of an excellent photojournalism project. As a photographer during the Great Depression she worked for the FSA which was a group of photographers set up by FDR with the sole purpose of documenting the reality of the extent of the Depression. They were there to tell the truth. Here are some example of her work.





Mississippi Delta Children


Migrant worker from Texas near Bakersfield, California


White Angel Breadline, San Francisco


From FSA collection





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