The price of joining Facebook.

The Times Union published this article today titled: Facebook membership could prove costly for sex offender.

After reading it I had mixed feelings on whether or not the man should be prosecuted for not disclosing his sex offender status on FB.  Yes, it is law that sex offenders need to register in the area they live, but I feel it may be pushing it to make them publicly announce on their social networking sites that they were formerly convicted of a sex offense.  Do not take this the wrong way, I think sex offenders are some of the lowest forms of criminals out there, however, if they have paid their time and are trying to get on the path of recovery I do not see how this could help.  To me it seems that if they were required to disclose their past conviction on social networking sites like Facebook it would further alienate them from the public and make their transition from jail to society even more difficult.  No on is going to want to be friends with a sex offender except possibly other criminals, and even then many people convicted of crimes to do with drugs or other forms of violence will not associate with sex offenders.  I’m sure my stance would cause a lot of debate, however, I feel if we are ever going to reduce the amount of crime in this country we need to start looking more at forms of rehabilitation than only focusing on how to punish those who have done wrong.

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