Marijuana is medicalized

Yesterday the New York Times put up three separate articles on the medical marijuana policies of California and nationwide.

As someone who does not really see the point in having marijuana remain illegal.  It has been proven it is less harmful than alcohol, has the ability to generate large profits, and has legitimate medical purposes.  Knowing this I have to ask why is it illegal while it is more likely you will end up in the hospital because of drinking too much than you ever could for smoking too much.  People don’t get high and crash their cars, the eat food and laugh a lot instead.  California is just one of the states that has legalized marijuana for medical use and is currently trying to develop ordinances that will regulate the drug, but many feel they are still at risk of federal prosecution.  This should not be an issue for politicians to agree on.  If they would just look at the facts then they could see that it doesn’t need to be much different then the regulation of alcohol or tobacco.  To back up my argument I found this video made by the Marijuana Policy Project to better depict the changing climate of the drug in the U.S.

I also found this video which I though was crazy.

What is your stance on the issue.

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