Why I love Google Reader this week.

Sunday I was going through my Google Reader and starring stories I wanted to look into further. One of the stories I starred was an article from the Times Union titled, Single-payer backers fight odds. At first glance it seemed interesting, and that it why I starred it.  Once I read the article I was astatic that my Google Reader fed it to me.  The story, which covered a rally in Albany to improve the health care and insurance system, is exactly what I was looking for.  I am doing a long investigative piece on health insurance and those who do not have it, and stories like this are exactly what I am looking for.

Unfortunately for me I was catering a wedding as protesters spoke at Albany Medical College Saturday.  However, at the end of the TU story was the writers information so I contacted him with the hopes he could help me.  I’m sure I could have found the story on my own, but since that day I had very limited time to digest the news Google Reader was the most efficient way for me to get the most information.  I would not have been able to write my starter piece without it.

Also here is a video I found from a single-payer protest in Washington earlier this month.

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