Shirky’s take on where journalism is going.

In a very eloquent leacture Clay Shirky gave on what is changing in journalism in this new information age, he made many claims to the idea that journalism is headed on a downward plunge.  I have to say that although he made some very interesting and valid points I have to disagree with his pessimism.

His talk highlights the loss of accountability of journalism, the shift from a commercial model to a social model, and the bundling of content. He attributes all of these things to the decline of newspapers and the shift to the internet. He points out that with this shift there has been a change in the guidelines of journalism. He argues this shift has left a gap that the online media is struggling to fill.

Although I think he makes valid points about how the web has dramatically changed how people are getting and digesting their news I do not think that it has damaged the quality of news from established news publications. Yes, in this day and age we can go online and not only read the Washington Posts spin on a recent event but the chewed up and spit out remenets that bloggers are constantly posting. However, just because the web is flooded by amateur writers trying to express their opinion it does not mean journalism in a whole is on a decline.

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