Articles that inspire

All of the stories below were published today in either the Times Union or New York Times.  Using my Google Reader I found them and starred them for review.  I chose the four stories because their summaries caught my attention and emulate what I strive to achieve as a journalist.

Here they are:

Body found at Empire State Plaza

This story was in the Times Union and after reading it I wanted to go an investigate the story further.  Having that urge tells me that it was a good article which makes the reader question.  This is a trait I hope to show in my own writing.

Afghan in Police Uniform Kills US Soldier

I liked this story because the Reader title(above) is not really what the story is about.  It pulls you in and then gives you a lot more insight to what is happening in Afghanistan right now.  I am very interested in covering international news and possibly becoming a war correspondent.

Sugary Mix is Just What the Doctor Ordered

This article caught my attention because it is one that I know a lot of Americans will pick up on.  Stories that have to do with kids, their health, and how doctors are putting cherry syrup in kids flu medicine.  Subject is what can make or break a story.  You can be the best writer in the world, but if the subject of your story is uninteresting then it will be a flop.

Murder case not done deal

The T.U. continues to cover the trial of Richard Bailey’s murder.  The use of follow-ups (stories and questions) are key in journalism.  If you are reporting on something that is ongoing it is crucial to continue to inform the public on any updates.  I think the T.U. does a good job at giving a general overview of what is going on while giving the new information.

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