G-20 in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh protests this morning.

Pittsburgh protests this morning.

New York Times is my home page, so when I opened my browser today and saw this story I was very excited.

The reason I got so excited was I myself had participated in the G-20 protests that went on in London over the spring.

After reading through most of the article I was happy to find people in the U.S. felt just as strongly about the need for change as they did in Europe.

While at the G-20 protests in London I was able to spend some time talking to people from the different protest groups and especially the group that seemed to be running the show, the Socialists for Workers Rights.  Talking to them I began to understand that the reasoning for these protests, and the ones happening in Pittsburgh, is that World Leaders are not focusing on the needs of the general public.  They are not paying attention to what we know needs to start changing.

From environmental activists to anti-war campaigners everyone turned out for the protests in London just as it seems they are turning out in Pittsburgh.

In Pittsburgh however the focus seems to be on the need for change that has stemmed from the economic crisis.  With the number of unemployed and homeless growing across the country people are coming from all over to have their voices heard.

Pittsburgh does not want the 20 world leaders to forget who they are representing.  They will protest until their message gets through to someone.  They fight for all those who have felt the harsh cutback of the recession,  they fight to make sure it is the average citizen who will benefit from the decisions made.

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