Missing Yale student is possibly found…

There was an article in the New York Times yesterday titled, “Police Seeking Missing Yale Student Find Body.”  It gave a description of the case of graduate student Annie Le, a 24-year-old pharmacology major.  She was reported missing last Tuesday and was a no show at  her wedding that was scheduled for yesterday.

Yesterday the police found a body in the wall of the lab she was last seen at on Tuesday. They cannot give a positive identification at the time, but it would seem that the six day search for the missing bride was over.

I got this story in my google reader today, it was interesting and I thought it was well written, but when I realized it was written yesterday I had to ask…Why was the article on reader today and not yesterday?

It may seem like a useless question to ask, but if I was reading a traditional newspaper I would be getting the current news everyday.  Not a Really Simply Syndication of what google can grab and spit back out for the news. I will continue to get my news from the web, based on convenience alone I can not transfer back to consumption by an actual paper document.

This case alone causes me to look at the trend for papers to move to digital means of circulation much more closely.  In my “Out of Print” article I stressed how I thought it would be beneficial to have papers move online, but after my google reader experience and thinking about how my news consumption has changed I can’t help but feel this trend towards digitalization will be at some cost.  It may be too soon to tell but, I wonder what the cost of that choice will be?

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